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Pirates Mag': The world's most popular hacking & piracy magazine!

(best circulation : 81 806 copies)

First released in 1998, Pirates Magazine is the first publication in the French language with information related to cracking and piracy (Internet, smart cards, crypted TV/Sat, protected CDs, viruses, cryptology) discussed from a wide range of view points (technical, law, economy). Team members are professional journalists, backed by engineers, hackers, and lawyers. Aimed primarily at providing an easily accessible learning experience, the articles are destined for experts, as well as total beginners.
In order to achieve total independence from corporate pressure, we do not include advertisements, which as a result has allowed us to revile many scoops scandals in the past.

Pirates Mag' is available printed in every country where the French language is spoken: Europe, Africa (Morocco, Ivory Coast...), Canada, Oceania (Polynesia, New Caledonia...) etc. A digital edition is also available.

Latest issue:

Here few free and online articles in English:

11-29 : Security flaw: call (almost) anywhere in the world for free

03-10 : Public transportation passes and their secrets

10-27 : Pirates Mag', it's over

05-04 : Beware of malicious codes that may be embedded in Zip files!

08-22 : Big Hole in AOL : AOL flirts with filters!

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