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March 10th 2009 : Public transportation passes and their secrets

London, Moscow, Paris, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Venice...
As from January 31 2009, the "Carte Orange" commuter's card, along with its magnetic stripe ticket, is no longer in use on the greater Paris transportation network. The contactless "Navigo" pass has replaced it forever! After over ten years of hard work by the RATP, SNCF and Innovatron, this achievement takes place, however, much later than what has already been done elsewhere... At last, the time has come to explore these very special smart cards, with reasonable hope to clarify all their little mysteries that we were eager to investigate. Are they really able to trace all our whereabouts? Let's clear the matter up!
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Januar 1st 2009 : Pirates Mag' will be back, free and online !

October 27th 2003 : Pirates Mag', it's over

Pirates Mag' has passed over. Who is to blame? Unsurprisingly, the French Peer Commission for Publications and Press Agencies (CPPAP), who did not Renew our certificate.
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May 4th 2003 : Beware of malicious codes that may be embedded in Zip files!

Max14H44, one of our readers, contacted us concerning a security hole he discovered in the famous compression software Winzip.
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August 22nd 2002 : Big hole in AOL!

AOL flirts with filters
One of our readers, Valdeux, told us the existence of a worldwide security hole in the AOL webmail. We tested this and came to the conclusion that a third party can access the mail of a AOL user, and this because of an unfiltered variable!
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